A Quick Insight into Anti-Aging Procedures (EN)

The anti-aging industry is flourishing, raking in over $290 million in revenue every year. Consumers are turning to the anti-aging industry to help them undo or eliminate the signs of aging, enabling them to get back their youthful skin. Cosmetic treatments play a major role in the anti-aging industry. Although there are creams and scrubs available that are effective on the long run, cosmetic treatments offer quicker and much more potent results, making them a popular choice amongst consumers. Of all the numerous cosmetic treatments available, laser treatments are, without a doubt, one of the most popular options.laser treatments

If you’ve looked into the different laser procedures available in the anti-aging market, then you already know that the sheer number of treatments available can be a little overwhelming. How are you supposed to narrow down the options and choose the right treatment to suit your skin?

If you’re considering opting for medical lasers to help improve your complexion, then read on to know more about it. The following paragraphs will provide you with information about the most popular laser treatments available, along with their pros and cons.

Ablative Laser Treatment

The ablative laser treatment is perfect for those with major skin problems. This is because the hand-held laser devices are great at renewing the surface of the skin, by penetrating layer-by-layer to effectively tackle the problem. While ablative treatments are highly effective in improving the quality of the skin, it may take two or three sittings to see desired results. Sadly, ablative laser treatments come with a few disadvantages. Since the laser penetrates deep within the skin’s surface, bleeding and oozing can occur at the end of the procedure. But it is to be noted that diligently following the aftercare instructions will help lower your risk of infection.

Non-Ablative Laser Treatment

Non-ablative lasers differ from ablative lasers in that they only target the deeper layers of the skin. The advantage here is that, since the surface remains untouched, the risk of infections is lower. One major disadvantage with non-ablative laser is that it just isn’t as powerful as some of its counterparts. This means that it’s only effective when it comes to shallow wrinkles and fine lines. So if you’re looking for drastic results, then the non-ablative laser procedure may not be the one for you.

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel, or fractional photothermolysis, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available on the market at present. Here’s how the procedure works: fraxel lasers inflict microscopic injuries on the skin, which in turn forces the skin to produce collagen to help with the healing process. And as we all know, collagen is crucial for healthy-looking, supple skin. The plus side of this procedure is that it is relatively simple and uncomplicated. Within a few weeks, you can see a definite improvement in your skin condition, with wrinkles and other imperfections becoming much less visible.

Making The Right Choice

If you’ve been undecided about whether or not to opt for a laser treatment, hopefully this article has shed some light on the available procedures and helped you make a choice. Do consider the pros and cons of each procedure before you make your decision. Also, remember that there are alternatives such as radio frequency therapy and chemical peels available as well. Make an informed decision by talking to a trained professional. They will provide you with in-depth details about the procedures and offer guidance, helping you choose the right procedure based on your needs.

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